Family does not wish for Nasheed to step aside from politics

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed's family has stated that they do not wish for Nasheed to step aside from politics due to the attack that was targeted at him last Thursday.

Nasheed was taken to ADK Hospital Thursday night after he sustained several injuries in an explosion near his residence in Male'. According to the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the blast occurred when an IED strapped to a motorcycle detonated. Multiple critical surgeries were performed on Nasheed at ADK Hospital, and he remains in the Intensive Care Unit.

Speaking to state TV PSM, Nasheed's brother, Dr. Ibrahim Nashid said despite the dangerous attempt to harm Nasheed, the family wishes for him to continue his political work. The family does not believe that facing threats and competition while carrying out political work is a reason to step away from the field , said Dr. Nashid.

Nashid said Nasheed had recently spoken of the increasing threats against him. Although the seriousness of the situation was not perceived by the family at that time, the level of threat Nasheed faces has now become clear, said Nashid. When the family first heard of the attack on Nasheed, they were not able to fathom the extent of his injuries, and had assumed that the injuries were not serious. However, when they were briefed on Nasheed's condition later that night, the true extent of his injuries horrified the family, said Nashid.

Speaking regarding the treatment and services being provided by ADK Hospital, Dr. Nashid said the family is extremely happy with the services and satisfied with Nasheed's recovery progress. Praising the team of doctors who treated Nasheed, Nashid noted that timely updates were provided on Nasheed's condition every 30 minutes while surgeries were ongoing for 16 long hours. He further said Nasheed will be taken abroad for further treatment.