COVID-19: "HMF does not have enough nurses to meet standard requirement"

The COVID-19 facility in Hulhumale' does not have enough nurses to meet the standard requirement, the head of the facility has said.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Health Emergency Operations Centre (HEOC) on Sunday, head of Hulhumale' Medical Facility Mariya Saeed, who is also the CEO of Hulhumale' Hospital said while the HMF facility in Hulhumale' has 274 beds, the facility has reached its maximum capacity. The facility does not have the standard amount of nurses due to the increasing number of patients, said Mariya. Currently, 34 doctors and 116 nurses are working at the facility.

Mariya said while the number of nurses at the facility is below the standard amount, all patients are being taken care of. However, patients needing critical care are prioritized in giving care. Specialists also routinely attend the facility to attend to patients, she added.

Meanwhile, Hulhumale' Hospital has been temporarily converted into a COVID-19 facility. Only those with COVID-19 are being admitted at the hospital. 40 percent of nurses at the hospital have been assigned to COVID-19 patients at the hospital, while the remaining nurses are working at the medical facility. Mariya said nursing and medical students will be assisting in the operations at both facilities, and this in turn would help decrease the burden on health care workers.

The Maldives is battling a worrying surge in COVID-19 cases. While 54,365 confirmed cases have been reported, 22,421 cases are active at this time. The death toll is at 128.