Green Climate Fund approves USD 25.1 mln grant for Maldives

The Green Climate Fund has approved USD 25.1 million in grants towards Building Climate Resilient Safer Islands in the Maldives in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

JICA has already made a contribution of USD 35.4 million towards the project. In addition to the two grants from JICA and the Green Climate Fund, the Maldives' government will also be contributing USD 5.5 towards the project.

According to the Environment Ministry, the project aims to reduce the vulnerability of Maldives to climate change from an increase in coastal disaster risk and land loss due to acceleration of coastal erosion through four main components. The project will be implemented in line with the Government’s Strategic Action Plan.

The project will establish integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) to balance coastal development and coastal conservation at inhabited islands. This includes undertaking an inventory study and risk assessment on present coastal and coral reef conditions, and preparation of ICZM plans.

The project will also implement coastal conservation and protection measures at selected sites in L. Atoll Maamendhoo, Fonadhoo, Gan, and Isdhoo as well as Addu City Meedhoo. Community-based beach monitoring and management structures will also be established as part of these measures.