'Will contest and win the 2023 Presidential Race'

Dhangethi MP and co-founder of new political party, Maldives National Party (MNP) Mohamed Nazim has said the main purpose of forming the party was to compete in the 2023 Presidential Election and gain victory. He made the statement in the first press conference held in MNP's name earlier on July 26.

Speaking at the press conference, Nazim said a presidential candidate will be brought forth by the party to compete in the presidential race, and that he had confidence that the party would win the election.

"I have no doubt about 2023. I can clearly see our candidate taking the presidential oath on November 11, 2023," he said.

However, he did not specify who will represent the party in the presidential race. The MP said the ticket will be given to the individual who wins the party's primary, and that he himself would take part in the primary. A third-party will closely monitor the primary and any other elections of MNP said Nazim.

Nazim said the party's charters would state that the party's main leadership can only remain in leadership positions for a maximum of two terms. The purpose of the clause is to offer more opportunities to the youth, he added.

Nazim, who is also the former Defence Minister, said MNP is not a political party that would not revolve around a certain individual. A new political party had to be created as existing political parties do not function in the way the people of the country desire, said Nazim. MNP will work as per the people's wants and will be the people's closest advocate, he assured.

The party is preparing to open a special party office in its bid to increase party membership and that a congress will be held to form the party in September. Nazim said a large number of individuals have already expressed interest in joining the party, which foretells that the party will expand in the future.

MNP's mission is to work within the legal framework and as per the best practice accepted internationally to achieve the needs of the people. Nazim said the party will gain back the people's lost confidence in the political arena. He called on the people to join the party as the party is being established for the people.

The Election Commission approved to establish MNP earlier on July 15 to VilliMale' MP and Nazim's cousin. Ahmed Usham. In addition to Usham and Nazim, Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaz, Nilandhoo MP Abdul Muhsin Abdul Hameed and Nolhivaram MP Mohamed 'Mostar' Nasheed are involved in establishing the party.