Gov't to provide subsidies for council housing flats

The government will be providing subsidies to those who are unable to afford the rent for their council housing. Spokesperson at the President's Office, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez made the statement during a press conference held Monday.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has vowed the government would provide rent assistance for recipients of social housing units that are unable to pay rent. During Monday's press conference, Mabrook said the government is working to accommodate subsidies for such individuals, and that council flats will be reserved for those who earn below a certain amount as income.

Noting that application is now open for the council housing from the Apollo Housing building which is currently under construction, Mabrook said subsidies will be provided for those who are unable to pay the full amount, and in some cases, rent-free options will be made available. However, the government has not yet worked out a process to provide the eases, said Mabrook.

Mabrook said the monthly rent of 60 flats from the towers being constructed in Hulhumale' by Apollo Holdingshave been set at MVR 5,500. While flats will be constructed in both Phase I and Phase II of Hulhumale', council housing, mid-range housing, and affordable housing options will be available, said Mabrook. The project is expected to reach completion by early 2023.

120 housing units are being constructed as council housing units under the Apollo housing project. The two-room flats will have an area of 650 square feet while the three-room flats will have an area of 800 square feet. The rent of the 2-room flats will be MVR 5,500 while the 3-room flats will be available for MVR 7,000 per month.

220 flats will be constructed under the 'affordable housing' category. The 650-square feet two-room flats will be for MVR 8,600 per month while the 900 square foot 3-room flats will be for MVR 13,000. 660 units will be constructed as mid-range units, where 2-room apartments will have an area of 750 square feet and 3-room apartments will have 1000 square feet.