MMPRC launches campaign to promote Maldives in Russia

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has launched a campaign with Russian tour operator, TEZ Tour as part of the effoers to increase arrivals from the Russian market.

TEZ Tour is one of the top five tour operators of Russia. According to MMPRC, the campaign will be held from August to September, targeting potential travelers and tourism industry stakeholders from Russia.

MMPRC said dedicated advertising and promotional activities will be held on social media, TV, Radio, blogs and via webinars during the campaign. This includes advertising on Euronews and other regional TV stations and radio channels. The campaign activities are estimated to reach 15 Million people from the target audience.

As of 18th August 2021, Russia is the top source market to Maldives this year, with 154,380 arrivals, which accounts for 22% of total arrivals. The country has remained in the top 10 source markets to Maldives in the past two years, ranking 2nd with 61,387 arrivals in 2020 and 6th with 83,369 arrivals in 2019.