72 percent of teachers are women: statistics

72 percent of teachers in the Maldives are women, official statistics have shown.

According to statistics published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), 10,615 teachers are employed across the Maldives. 72 percent are female while the remaining 28 percent of the teachers are male.

In reference to data collected over the last year, NBS said 80 percent of teachers are trained and 20 percent are untrained. The numbers show there is one teacher for every nine students. In the atolls, there is one teacher for every seven students while there is one teacher for very 12 students in capital Male'.

5965 teachers are employed in the atolls, out of which 1737 teachers are foreigners. 2536 local teachers and 377 foreign teachers are employed in Male' schools. 20 percent of teachers are foreigners.

82.1 percent of teachers employed in Male' city schools are women and 68.8 percent of teachers in atoll schools are women. 7 out of every ten teachers in Maldives are female.