Pres announces new pay structure for education sector

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday announced a new and improved salary structure for the education sector, unveiling significant increments to the wages of teachers and other education sector staff. The announcement was made in a televised address to the nation.

President Solih announced his decision to ensure education sector staff receive a commensurate wage in his address at the opening session of Parliament on February 3, 2022. In his televised address on Sunday, President Solih described his decision as one that is crucial for nation-building.

This marks a significant step in the administration’s commitment to ensuring better wages for all in the workforce that contribute towards national progress, President Solih added. Speaking about the administration’s efforts at pay harmonisation across the board, the President said that studies required to draw up the new salary structure for health sector workers are currently underway. He noted that completion of the pay harmonisation efforts would improve wages across all sectors.

Alongside increasing education sector wages, President Solih described his administration’s decision to introduce and implement a minimum wage as a significant achievement in its commitment to promoting and protecting workers’ rights. The administration stands committed to ensuring better lives for the whole populace to the best of its capabilities, he added.

President Solih then went on to share additional details of the increments made to the salaries of teachers and other education sector staff. He added that the new changes would resolve challenges to attracting qualified principals to work in schools outside Malé City.