Nasheed admits to running pseudo twitter account

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed has finally admitted that he runs the 'Alex Ahmed' [@anehdhivehirajje] twitter account as a pseudo account.

Nasheed is back in the Maldives after spending over five months in Germany and the United Kingdom seeking treatment for injuries sustained in the May 6 terror attack that targeted his life.

During a press conference held by Nasheed on Wednesday, a journalist asked from Nasheed whether he was associated with the 'Alex Ahmed' twitter account, an account which has, on numerous occasions claimed was being run by the former president.

Answering the question, Nasheed admitted that the account was indeed run by him, and that it was his 'unofficial account'. Any tweets posted via the account should not be considered his official word, said Nasheed.

The Speaker said most tweets published from the account are related to Maldives' history and traditions. However, he sometimes publishes political tweets as some wish for him to join in on debates.

Contrary to Nasheed's statement, tweets that include political satire and criticism have also been published from the account. Tweets written using inappropriate language have also been published, and questionable interactions with foreign ambassadors in the Maldives have also taken place via the account.

While Nasheed has admitted that 'Alex Ahmed' is his account, there are several other fake accounts run using his name.