Maldives being lashed by wind and rain, yellow alert extended again

Maldives Meteorological Services has further extended the duration of the yellow alert issued earlier on Tuesday.

The Met Office initially issued the Yellow Alert for all over Maldives until 08:30 am expecting winds between 25 to 30 mph, and gusts of 50 mph with rough seas. The duration of the alert was later extended until 04:30 pm.

Meteorology Office has once again extended the alert further, until 08:30 pm, expecting a higher wind range and gust. The met office now expects strong winds between 28 to 35 mph, and gusts of 55 mph with very rough seas. All, especially seafarers, are strongly advised to take all necessary precautions.

Earlier this afternoon, three passengers traveling from Male' to Fulidhoo were flung into the sea after the speedboat they were traveling in hit a massive wave. While one died in the incident, a child remains missing at sea.