Rasfannu to be designated as a water sports zone

Rafannu beach area at the western end of Male' City will be designated as a water sports zone.

Speaking at a ceremony held to award the winners of a Bar 2000 Faramantha Challenge event, Male' City Mayor Mohamed Muizzu said the city council wants to create sports opportunities in the city and is working towards the goal. As part of the efforts, the City Council has decided to establish the Rasfannu beach area as a water sports zone and will be anchoring buoys in the area to ensure it is a safe zone, the mayor said.

'The City Council has decided to designate the area outside of Rasfannu as an open water swimming zone. There used to be buoys anchored to mark the boundary when the beach was first opened and for a number of years after that. For some reason, the bouys are no longer there,' Muizzu said.

The Mayor said new buoys would be anchored very soon and that the city council would work with groups organizing sports activities and give its full cooperation.

Speaking further on what the city council is doing to develop sports in Male' City, the mayor said the council hopes to bring back the competition among the city's wards like in the past. The mayor said that introducing healthy competition for good purposes will be beneficial, and the best resource to introduce competition is through sports. In this regard, the city council will organize sports activities and competitions, he added.

The Bar 2000 Faramantha Challenge 2021 ongoing at Rasfannu is an aquatic multi-sport challenge with open-water swimming, surfing, and bodybuilding competitions.