Police post inaugurated in Sh. Feydhoo

The police post in Sh. Feydhoo was officially opened on Saturday.

The police post was opened at a special ceremony held on the island by Home Minister Imran Abdulla and the Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Imran said he hopes that the police based in Feydhoo island will work together with the Regional Commander and the Atoll Commander and the island's entities.

'I urge you to work together and take quick steps to ensure this island is a peaceful, tranquil, and friendly island,' the home minister said.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ali Rasheed, said the police hope to reorganize its services and transform the police service into a law enforcement agency that offers modern services suitable for democratic environments across the Maldives. The police post established in Feydhoo is an essential step in achieving their goal, he said.

Ali Rasheed further noted that Sh. Foakaidhoo police served Feydhoo island before the police post was established on the island. He added that the services will now be offered by police who are close to the island's people, together with the island council and other entities.