Tourist arrival number crosses 1.1 mln

Tourist arrival numbers to the Maldives have crossed 1.1 million.

Official statistics released by the Tourism Ministry show 1.1 million tourists had visited the Maldives this year by November 24. Compared to the 449,498 tourists that visited the Maldives last year, the current numbers are a 150 percent increase. However, the numbers remain 25 percent lower than tourist arrival numbers from 2019.

Over the past 11 months, most tourists visited the Maldives in October, with 142,066 arrivals. The average number of tourists per day was the highest in October, and the longest average stay was also recorded in the same month. The average daily arrivals were at 4,632, while the duration of stay was 9.6 days in October. The average number of daily arrivals throughout the year is 3,435 tourists, and the average stay is 8.8 days.

The least number of tourists arrived in June, with 56,166 arrivals.

Most tourists traveled to the Maldives from neighboring India, with 252,551 arrivals recorded from the country. The second-most number of arrivals were recorded from Russia, with 202,277 arrivals. While Germany comes third with 81,223 arrivals, the USA takes the fourth position with 47,312 arrivals. The United Kingdom follows close behind with 42,640 arrivals. Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ukraine, France, and Switzerland are also included in the top ten arrival countries list.

The Maldives welcomed its one millionth tourist for the year in October.