Several Islamic states offered asylum to Pres Yameen: Dr. Shaheem

Former Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has said several Islamic countries offered to give asylum to former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. Shaheem made the statement while speaking at the rally held by the opposition coalition on Friday night.

Shaheem, who was President Yameen's running mate in the 2018 presidential election, said Yameen is a man of unique character - one who worked tirelessly to clear his name and bowed down with respect in front of justice. He said Yameen's efforts to clear his name made his wisdom and conviction evident - a story that must be etched in gold in history.

Shaheem further said Yameen had multiple opportunities to free himself when jailed for money laundering. However, he did not wish to pursue these opportunities and chose to remain in jail, he said.

'While President Yameen was in jail, several Islamic states offered him asylum. However, he insisted that he did not wish to leave his country. He insisted that he wished to leave prison an innocent man. He was ready to remain in jail for even a hundred years if he was declared as a criminal,' Shaheem said.

The Progressive Congress coalition held the rally on Friday night to welcome back their leader after the Supreme Court overturned the money laundering conviction against him, freeing him from his five-year sentence.