Tourist beds available at Maafushi cross 1,500

The number of tourist beds available at guesthouse tourism hub, K. Maafushi, has increased to 1,500.

Statistics released by the Tourism Ministry show that most tourist beds are available at Maafushi island. Currently, the island has 1,544 beds across 44 different guesthouses.

This month, a large tourist hotel was opened in Maafushi, boasting 26 rooms, including deluxe rooms and amenities such as jacuzzis and swimming pools. This is the third-largest hotel on the island.

Apart from the Greater Male' area and Maafushi, most tourist beds are available in Aa. Thoddoo. The island has 57 beds, and the atoll as a whole has 1,548 beds.

Tourism Ministry's statistics show the Maldives has 607 operational guest houses, offering a total of 11,826 beds.