Mobile app launched to enable easy access to blood

A special application that links blood donors with seekers and health centers has been launched.

The application named 'Thiki' was developed by a youth group from Laamu atoll. The application was launched by State Minister at Youth Ministry, Hussain Ismail, at a ceremony held on Friday.

The application will be developed over three phases and is currently being used in islands between L. atoll and southernmost Addu atoll. Those interested in being blood donors can register on the platform via a form. As health professionals recommend three months between donations, the donor information will not be displayed on the application if 90 days have not passed since the last date of donation.

Currently, 861 people are registered on the Maldives' Thalassemia registry. The register shows most Thalassemia patients are below the age of 16. Some listed on the registry have passed away.