Test flight scheduled to land at Madivaru Airport on Saturday

A test flight will land at the airport being developed at Lh. Madivaru on Saturday.

The test flight will be conducted by Island Aviation. The company's Public Relations Manager Moosa Waseem told AVAS that although a test flight is scheduled to land at Madivaru Airport on Saturday, a date on which scheduled flights will begin at the airport remains unknown.

The development of Madivaru Airport was contracted to Kureddhoo Holdings, a subsidiary of Crown and Champa company, in May 2018. While the project has reached completion, Kureddhoo Holdings wishes for Island Aviation to operate and manage the airport. Discussions on drawing up an agreement between the two parties are underway. When asked if an agreement had been reached, Waseem did not answer the question.

The government instructed for the Madivaru Airport to be opened before a given date on two occasions, and the airport could not be opened as scheduled. While the Transport Ministry most recently instructed for Madivaru Airport to be opened this year, Island Aviation's Managing Director, Mohamed Mihad, last Sunday told AVAS that he is hopeful that the airport can be opened within the granted time frame.