Speaker and Male' Mayor speak out against Hulhumale' land sale

Speaker of the Parliament and former President of the Maldives has called on the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to change their decision to sell 60 plots of land from Hulhumale'.

In an announcement on Monday, HDC said 60 land plots would be sold under bid policy from Hulhumale' Phase II's beachfront and beachside. The plots, which measure 1,603.07 square feet and 2,633.93 square feet, are now open for bid submission. Bids for beachfront plots may be submitted before February 6, and submissions for beachside plots will be accepted until February 16. A bid security of MVR 320,000 will be collected from bidders.

In response to the announcement, Speaker Nasheed published a tweet, stating that it is unacceptable that land plots are being sold to the highest bidders while the low-income residents of Male' City are in need of land. He called on the government to change the decision.

Meanwhile, Male' City mayor Dr. Abdulla Muizzu has also condemned selling land under bid policy. In a tweet posted on Monday, the mayor said while Hulhumale' comes under the jurisdiction of the Male' City Council, the government was prioritizing the profit of a company over the housing needs of Male' citizens. He called on the government to stop victimizing the people of Male'.

HDC's announcement has directed harsh criticism towards the government and HDC.