Solih will remain as pres to see projects through: Planning Minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will remain as president for another term to complete development projects. Aslam made the statement while speaking at a ceremony held in K. Maafushi on Tuesday.

The minister said the administration continued their work without interruption and started new projects even amid a global pandemic. Aslam said he has not witnessed any administration undertaking development projects at such a fast pace. He shed light on completed and ongoing projects to support his statement.

Aslam noted that 60 harbor construction projects are underway while 25 projects have reached completion. He said that the land reclamation in four islands was completed, and 14 projects are ongoing. Furthermore, coastal protection projects are ongoing in 24 islands, and water projects are being implemented in 64 islands, in addition to sewerage projects in 57 islands, he said.

The minister further said the current administration has spent over MVR 1.86 billion thus far, and the projects for the entire term would cost over MVR 18 billion. He anticipated that President Ibrahim Solih would remain as president beyond the current term to see the projects to completion.

'While the Maldives is moving in the direction of a developed nation, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, by God's will, will remain at the front as president to lead the country towards development,' he said.