Application to open for Male' land plots on June 26

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said that the applications for the land plots being issued from the Greater Male' Area will open on June 26.

Responding to a question posed by Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed Shifau during Wednesday's Parliament session, Minister Aslam said the applications would open on the 26th of this month. However, no further details were given.

Aslam further said residents would soon move into the almost-complete 1,344 housing developed in the Male' area. He said that the construction of 4,000 additional housing units in the Male' area is also underway.

Speaking to reporters on the 8th of this month, President Ibrahim Solih said applications would open under the Male' City land allocation project this month. The President said that the final steps to commence the land issuance project had been completed and that applications would open before the end of the month.

The President added that 3,000 plots would be issued in the first round, out of the 5,000 plots to be issued in the Male' area. They are 1,000 plots in Hulhumale and 2,000 plots in Gulhifalhu.

In his annual address to the Parliament in February this year, President Solih shared the government's policy to solve the housing problem faced by the people of the city.

The President said the housing crisis faced by Male' residents was at its worst. He said he always felt that the talk on the matter was more than the action taken to address the issue.

"God willing, land will be provided to the permanent residents of Malé in gravest need of housing as promised, by the end of this administrative term. Access to State resources should be guaranteed for all. Our goal is to work together to reach the same destination," the President had said.