Monitoring mechanisms in Addu lifted after four months

The Health Protection Agency (HPA)'s monitoring mechanisms have been lifted from southernmost Addu City after four months.

Addu was placed under HPA monitoring on August 28 when the city's COVID-19 situation deteriorated. HPA said the monitoring mechanisms had been lifted as the city's situation has improved, and there are no further reasons to keep the city under monitoring. As per HPA, other measures, including a curfew between 09:00 pm and 04:00 am, have also been lifted.

The latest statistics released by the Addu ┘ĆEmergency Operation Center show 44 COVID-19 cases are active in Addu at this time. While four new cases were identified on Thursday, 2,977 people have tested positive from the city thus far, and 12 deaths have been recorded.