Search still ongoing for Alamaa-5 crew

MNDF Coast Guard has searched a large area for the crew of Alamaa-5.

The dhoni, which departed from near F. Feeali and headed to capital Male', capsized four miles southwest of V. Fussarugalhu. Three people were on the vessel at the time. MNDF received reports of the incident at 11:22 pm on Monday night. The boat was traveling to Male' after purchasing groupers from fishing vessels near Feeali.

MNDF Tuesday said the Coast Guard had searched over 2710 square nautical miles by air and that the search for the boat's passengers is ongoing. MNDF Dornier flight and Coast Guard Echo-905 Sea Ambulance are being utilized for the search, MNDF said.

The Coast Guard has found several objects that drifted when the vessel capsized. The items, which include boxes used to store fish, were located eight miles north of Faafu atoll.