'Cannot accept the influence even if I accept the election outcome': Fathuhee

The Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM)'s candidate in the Komandoo by-election, Moosa Fathuhee, has said he accepts the outcome of Saturday's election.

The Komandoo Parliament seat became vacant last year following the death of MP Hussain Waheed, who succumbed to cancer. Three candidates contested in the by-election held Saturday: Fathuhy, Mohamed Rashid from the main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), and Abdul Hannan Idris from Maldives National Party (MNP). MDP's candidate won the election with a 240 vote difference between him and Fathuhee.

In an interview given to AVAS on Sunday, Fathuhee said he accepts the figures on the results sheet. However, he said that the government carried out all activities related to the by-election unlawfully, as they intended to influence the election's outcome.

'Let's take a look. Did they not utilize state resources in broad daylight? Everyone witnessed this, did they not? They commenced projects that were not even included in the budget. This is why I say the election was not free and fair,' Fathuhee said.

Noting that PPM submitted several actions committed by MDP to influence the election, as complaints to the Elections Commission, Fathuhee said a corruption issue related to the election was also submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). However, as all seats on the commission remain vacant at this time, the complaint could not be investigated, he added.

Fathuhee went on to state that even if he failed in Saturday's election, he would remain in the political arena and would work to hold the government accountable. He said that he would not step back in his resolve.

Acknowledging PPM's Leader Abdulla Yamin Abdul Gayyoom, the leaderships of Peoples National Congress (PNC), and PPM's significant contribution to his campaign, Fathuhee said his political view still agrees with PPM and said he stood firm with the parties.

'Those who voted for me voted sincerely out of love. They proved that they would not be swayed by money. I have nothing but love and gratefulness for them. Yesterday's election outcome was not a success for the government,' Fathuhee said.