Visa-free access to be granted for Indians arriving for business

The Maldives will be providing visa-free access to the Maldives for Indian nationals traveling to the country for business purposes.

As per a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, effective from 1 February 2022, the Government of Maldives had initiated the process of granting Indian Nationals visa free entry for business purposes, for a period not exceeding the visa free period of 90 days. This is as stipulated in the Agreement on the Facilitation of Visa Arrangements between the Maldives and India signed on 17 December 2018.

As part of the reciprocal arrangement, a multiple entry, non-resident, business visa will be granted for Indian Nationals for a period of 90 days within six months. Any Indian National with an approved business visa is eligible to renew their visa up to 180 days within a calendar year. This is in addition to the visa-free period of 90 days stipulated in the bilateral agreement.

The ministry said business visa applications must be lodged with the Ministry of Economic Development prior to the expiry of the visa-free entry period. Business visa would be renewed prior to the expiry of an existing approval. An employment approval will need to be obtained by any Indian National holding a business visa whose allowable business visa stay exceeds 180 days within a calendar year.