Home Minister inaugurates Goidhoo police post

The police post established at B. Goidhoo has been officially inaugurated.

The police post was opened by Home Minister Imran Abdulla at a special ceremony held in Goidhoo on Tuesday.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Imran said economic and social stability cannot be established if peace and security are not ensured in the society. The minister described drugs as society's biggest problem and said it had reached all corners of the Maldives. He added that the police service must be shaped such that they can tackle the dangerous forces behind drug trade.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Abdul Mannan Yusuf, also spoke at the ceremony. In his remarks, he said that the police service is expanding across the Maldives and is undergoing reform despite multiple challenges. He said that the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, was undertaking several efforts to achieve the progress.