MNP to hold party Congress in July

Maldives National Party (MNP) will hold its Congress in July, the party has said.

During a press conference held Thursday morning, MNP's Spokesperson Asra Ahmed said the party would have its Congress from July 7 to July 9 to appoint members to its executive positions. The party's permanent president, a vice president from among party members that reside abroad, and a congress member for each Parliament constituency would be elected during the congress.

Additionally, an election to appoint vice presidents and youth wing and women's wing leaders will be held on June 18.

Asra said the party would contest in the upcoming election to elect members to Meedhoo and Nilandhoo constituency's Women's Development Committee. In this regard, she noted that Shoolaa Waheed would contest for Nilandhoo WDC, and Khadeeja Ali would contest for Nilandhoo WDC. The campaigns for the two candidates are expected to kick off soon.

MNP was formed in October 2021 and is the newest political party of the Maldives. An interim council was established following the party's formation, with interim presidents, vice presidents, and council members.