Student evacuated to Hungary return to Maldives

Fifteen Maldivian students in Ukraine's Ivano-Frankivsk have safely returned to the Maldives.

Due to Russia declaring war on Ukraine, the Maldives government evacuated some Maldivian students in Ukraine to Hungary. After staying in the country's capital, Budapest, for two days, the students were repatriated to the Maldives on Monday. The Maldives Foreign Ministry has confirmed their return.

Nine Maldivians still remain stranded in Ukraine. This includes eight students in Kharkiv and one in Dnipro. The Ukrainian spouse of a Maldivian national and the couple's two children in Kyiv were evacuated to Hungary earlier on Monday. They will return to the Maldives on March 4.

The ministry said all Maldivians in Ukraine are doing well.