Highest arrival numbers recorded from Russia

Statistics have shown that the top tourist arrivals in the Maldives last month were from Russia.

The statistics released by Maldives Immigration show 149,011 tourists visited the Maldives in February. This is a 13 percent increase compared to the previous month and a 54 percent increase compared to February 2021.

According to the figures, 20,082 Russian tourists visited the Maldives last month. The United Kingdom followed behind with 18,071 tourists. The third most tourists arrived from India, with 14,770 arrivals.

The most number of tourists arrived in the Maldives on February 12. On that day, 7668 tourist arrivals were recorded. The lowest arrival number was recorded on February 2, with 3,407 arrivals. The current average for tourists arrivals is 5,000.

The Maldives Tourism Minister, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, has said the Russia-Ukraine conflict would negatively impact Maldives tourism. However, he said there is not much the government can do to mitigate the impact.