13 percent increase in tourist arrivals

The Maldives has seen a 13.1 percent increase in tourist arrivals in April compared to the same month last year, according to Maldives Immigration.

In April, 164,357 tourists visited the Maldives, with India leading the source market charts with 17,577 tourists from the country. In April, India replaced Russia, which was the top source market in February and March. Russia ranked number two in April's charts.

Top 10 countries for tourism in April

India - 17,577
Russia - 16,979
United Kingdom - 15,504
China - 13,504
Germany - 13,319
Italy - 10,309
United States - 6,673
Switzerland - 5,343
France - 4,549
Australia - 3,785

In January, the Maldives received 23,180 tourists from Russia, which decreased to 21,567 in February, 20,313 in March, and 16,979 in April. However, Russia remains the top source market overall.

The decline in Russian tourist arrivals is attributed to the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union over the Russian-Ukrainian war. Despite the decline, the Maldives remains a popular destination for Russian tourists.