Bed capacity at tourism facilities cross 60,000

The tourist bed capacity in the Maldives has crossed 60,000 for the first time.

According to statistics released by the Tourism Ministry, the current bed capacity is 60,055. This includes 39,897 beds in 167 resorts, 17,221 beds in 851 guest houses, and 2,937 beds in 152 safaris.

Although the total bed capacity is over 60,000, the current operation capacity is 54,178. While 38,833 beds are in operation in 162 resorts, 12,444 beds are available at 643 guest houses. A further 2,912 beds are available on safaris.

Guesthouse islands located in Male' atoll have 5,786 beds. From these, 73 guesthouses are established in the Greater Male' Region, with 2,338 beds. The most popular guesthouse island in the Maldives, Maafushi, has 1,578 beds in 46 guesthouses.

The most number of tourist beds in guesthouses are available in Aa. atoll after Male' atoll. While the atoll has 1,568 beds, Aa. Thoddoo has one-third of the beds in 45 guesthouses. Thoddoo has a bed capacity of 588.

Although the bed capacity is increasing, it should be noted that the additional beds are becoming available at newly opened resorts that were leased by the former administration. Records show the former administration opened 50 resorts. During the ongoing term of the current administration, no resorts that were leased by this administration have been opened to date.