Committee approves President's ACC nominations

The Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions on Monday approved President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's nominations for the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) membership.

The President's Office opened for ACC membership on January 5, when all commission members resigned. When the deadline for the initial announcement expired, a second announcement was issued. The President forwarded his nominations for Parliament consideration on February 23, and the committee on Independent Institutions reviewed the nominations.

On Monday, the committee approved to appoint Adam Shamil, Raiyvilaage / Th. Vilufushi, Abdul Salaam, Havaa / Sh. Narudhoo, Thoha Mohamed, Kalhi Haaruge / ADh. Maamigili, Shazna Hashim, Rihivilu / HDh. Nolhivaranfaru, and Shiyama Mohamed, Naares / R. Hulhudhuffaaru, to the ACC. The matter has now been forwarded to the Parliament for voting.

The most recent members of ACC were Commission President Mariyam Shauna, Vice President Fathimath Anoola, and member Aishath Abdulla. They resigned from the commission on December 27 after the Parliament Committee on Independent Institutions recommended their termination based on an audit report on the commission's performance. Before their resignation, two other members, Ali Ashraf and Ibrahim Shakeel, also resigned from the commission. They tendered their resignation on November 15.

The President's nominees were submitted for Parliament consideration after the duration stipulated in ACC Act had passed. The law states that appointments must be made to the commission within 60 days after the resignation of a member.