Pres Solih pardons 20 days from Rasheed's sentence

The President has pardoned 20 days out of the 23 days remaining in Ibrahim Rasheed's jail sentence.

Ibrahim Rasheed caught the public's attention when he took to social media after Maldives Correctional Service informed him that he had 23 days remaining in a sentence that he served years ago.

Rasheed was serving a jail sentence on drug charges before being released early on good behavior. He has since started a family and works as a cleaner at the mosque on his native island, Lh. Naifaru. He is also studying Arabic teaching.

When his place of employment posted a job opportunity for permanent staff, Rasheed obtained a police record to apply for the post. When he received the report, he came to know that a 23-day jail sentence from a robbery case was pending.

While the public rallied for Rasheed, calling on the government to pardon his sentence as he had been a model citizen over the past seven years, Rasheed himself wrote to the PResident to lighten his sentence.

Rasheed said Maldives Correctional Service informed him that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih pardoned 20 days from his sentence. He said he has requested to arrange for the remaining three days of his sentence to be served under home arrest.