Flat recipients have received flats under office schemes: Minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has acknowledged that some recipients of social housing flats from government schemes have also received flats under office schemes.

During Wednesday's Parliament sitting, Kurendhoo MP Abdul Ghanee Abdul Hakeem pointed out that recipients of land and flats under government schemes had also received flats from office schemes. He inquired from the minister what the ministry planned to do to avoid such situations in the future.

In his response, the minister acknowledged that some recipients did indeed receive flats under two housing schemes, despite undergoing screening. However, he said he cannot clearly state whether the circumstances occurred due to loopholes in the flat system being exploited.

'I would not point fingers at any particular person,' the minister said.

Aslam was also asked what the government would be doing to ensure flat recipients from previous schemes do not receive flats a second time under a different scheme. However, the minister did not respond to the question.