Tourist numbers from Ukraine and Russia maintained: Stats

Statistics have shown that the number of Russian and Ukrainian tourists visiting the Maldives has not changed significantly.

According to the Tourism Ministry, 7,000 tourists visited the Maldives from Ukraine before Russia declared war on the country, and the country was among the top eight source markets for the Maldives. The most recent statistics show the arrival numbers have not been affected significantly due to the war.

The numbers show 43,173 tourists had visited the Maldives from Russia by March 9 this year, possessing approximately nine percent of arrivals. During the same period, 8,049 tourists visited the Maldives from Ukraine, around 2.5 percent of arrivals.

Although the numbers do not point to a decline in arrivals from Ukraine and Russia, a large part of the market has been lost. While all direct flights to the Maldives from both countries have halted, experts believe this would gravely impact tourism.

The war declared on Ukraine has effectively stopped the Ukrainian market. International money transfer systems have blocked Russia, causing difficulties in carrying out financial transactions for Russians. While the global world is placing sanctions on Russia, Russians face restrictions in traveling internationally.