Aeroflot to resume operation to the Maldives mid-April

Russia's national carrier Aeroflot will resume operation to the Maldives next month.

Aeroflot canceled flights to all international airports due to sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine-Russia war. However, the airline has officially announced it will resume operation next month.

According to Aeroflot, the airline will commence operation to Sri Lanka on April 8. It has been reported that the airline is making the necessary arrangements to resume operation to the Maldives.

The Maldives government has to provide specific permits and assurances to Russia to facilitate resuming operations. The procedures are expected to reach completion soon, beginning operation in mid-April.

The Tourism Ministry has confirmed that arrangements are being made to resume Aeroflot operation to the Maldives. However, no further details were provided. Meanwhile, an official from the Foreign Ministry has said there are no obstructions to continuing the airlines' operation to the Maldives.

Russia is one of the top source markets for tourism in the Maldives. Over 50,000 Russian tourists have visited the Maldives thus far this year. However, statistics have shown that the number of Russian tourists visiting the Maldives has declined since the war began.