FVM Council revises fees levied on safaris

Fuvahmulah City Council has revised its decision to charge higher fees on safaris that dock in the city.

Fuvahmulah City used to charge USD 50 per day for safaris that dock at the island. However, on January 12, the City Council amended the figure to USD 500 per day. The decision was made due to space constraints in the harbor area and to increase the revenue generated from the harbor.

An announcement earlier issued by the City Council had said the January decision is now in effect. In this regard, from April 1 onwards, USD 500 will be charged per day for all safaris and liveaboards that dock in the city, it said.

The Boating Association expressed concern about the Fuvahmulah City Council's decision to increase fees levied on safaris. The association said it is distressing that the fees were increased for safaris only and called on the City Council to change their decision.

A City Council meeting was held on Monday following extensive criticism targeted at the council over the fees. During the session, the council passed to revise the fees set in January. The new fees will be USD 150 per day for safaris that are less than 100 feet in length and USD 200 per day for safaris larger than 200 feet.