Judge Mohamed Niyaz replaces Sameer as JSC member

High Court Judge Mohamed Niyaz has been appointed to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

The High Court on Tuesday said Judge Hussain Niyaz was elected as the High Court representative to the JSC by the court's judges as per Article 158, c) of the Constitution.

Niyaz was appointed to the JSC following the resignation of High Court Judge Ali Sameer, who was also the High Court representative to the JSC.

Niyaz attained his degree in Sharia Law from Malaysia's International Islamic University. He was appointed as a High Court Judge in 2018. He has previously served as the Chief Magistrate of the HDh. Judicial Sector, HDh. Vaikaradhoo's Magistrate and Legal Assistant at the Ministry of Justice.

The JSC is comprised of ten members, including the Speaker of the Parliament, a judge of the Supreme Court, a judge of the High Court, a judge of the Lower Courts, a member of the Parliament, a member of the general public, the President of the Civil Service Commission, a person appointed by the President, the Attorney General, and a lawyer elected from among the lawyers licensed to practice in the Maldives.