Missing diver: Diving belt found 68-meters underwater

A further discovery has been made in the search for missing diver Mahmood Saeed.

Mahmood Saeed went diving off Fuvahmulah City to the city's Tiger Shark dive point around 2:30 pm on Monday. He was reported as missing around 3:36 pm. MNDF said he was last seen wearing a black diving suit, shorts, fins, and mask. The Southern Area Command Coastguard Fourth Squadron has been canvassing the sea area in search of Mahmood. Coast Guard divers are active in the area, and harbor patrol vessels are also searching the sea area. The search has been further expanded with MNDF's Donier aircraft and helicopter joining the search.

In their most recent update on the search and rescue efforts, MNDF said Coast Guard divers completed four dives on Wednesday. While a fishing tool believed to have belonged to Saeed was found during a dive earlier on Tuesday, a diving belt was discovered 68-meter underwater during Wednesday's efforts.

Earlier on Tuesday, MNDF said over 40 nautical miles had been searched by air and sea.