Five arrested in connection to Hulhumale' attacks

Five arrests have been made in connection to the attacks that occurred in Hulhumale on Wednesday night.

Two separate attacks took place in different areas of the reclaimed suburbs, and two people were injured in the incidents. The police carried out a special operation following the attacks, but no details were shared. A police team was also active at the Hiyaa Towers in Hulhumale Phase II.

The police media officer said one attack took place in Phase I and that the attack was reported to the police at 9:17 pm. The second attack took place near the Phase II bridge at 9:31 pm. While two people were injured in the attacks, both received treatment at the hospital.

The reason for Wednesday's attacks is not clear. While similar attacks took place in Male' City on Eid day, the Baibalaa Tournament scheduled to begin on the second day of Eid was postponed on police request. The attacks are believed to be linked to the tournament.