Gender Ministry urges not to share video of bullied boy

The Gender Ministry has urged people not to circulate a video showing a child being bullied and assaulted in a northern island.

The Gender Ministry Friday said it was working with the Ministry of Education, the island's council and IBAMA members to take the necessary steps after receiving reports of a video circulating on social media that showed a young boy being bullied. The ministry further urged the public not to share the video on social media and other platforms as it could have a psychological impact on the child later in life, and causes the victim a loss of dignity.

AVAS has learned that the victim in the video is a boy studying in the seventh grade. He is being bullied by a sixth-grade boy, reportedly over a girl.

The video shows the child being taken into the forest and assaulted in the presence of several people. The child is seen being hit twice with a stick, but he does not do anything in his defense except cry. After assaulting the boy, the attacker attempted to send him away. However, another child nearby could be heard urging him to attack the boy more. However, instead of further assaulting the victim, the video shows him verbally abusing the boy.

The police said the matter has come to their attention, and that they are investigating the case.