Authorities urge not to circulate inappropriate videos and photos of children

The authorities have urged not to circulate video and photos of children involved in inappropriate behaviours.

It seems the request was made in response to a video of two children involved an inappropriate behaviour in the balcony of a house that went viral on social media. The public has been raising concern over the issue.

The Police and Gender Ministry have requested not to share such videos and photos that will reveal their identities and have asked to report such cases to the police or Gender Ministry rather than sharing it with the public.

“..we urge to report such cases of children, rather than victimizing them by sharing their videos, photos, and revealing their identities – to the police and Gender Ministry’s number 1412, tweeted Gender Ministry.

Lately, some have been circulating videos of children victimized in assault cases. Recently there was a video of a child expressing the condition of government the foster care home that went viral.