Aeroflot resumes operation to the Maldives

Russia's national airline, Aeroflot, has resumed operation to the Maldives.

Aeroflot's direct flights from Moscow to the Maldives were suspended due to sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine-Russia war. Although the airline suspended flights worldwide, it has now resumed operation to many destinations.

Tickets for the flights between Maldives and Russia range in price between USD 447 to USD 1,000. The airline's website shows all flights to the Maldives are fully booked until the end of next month.

While Aeroflot has resumed flights to the Maldives, the first flight after the hiatus landed at Velana International Airport on Saturday. The flight carried passengers to full capacity, transporting 296 tourists. The airline will initially operate one daily flight.

Russia, which accounts for more than 10 percent of the Maldives' tourism, resumed operation to the Maldives amid a significant decline in tourist arrivals from the market. The decline has had a major impact on resort revenue. However, the resumption of flights is expected to improve the market and increase tourism revenue.