Ferry system mainly used for medical trips

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said the largest number of people who used the integrated ferry system used it to travel between islands for medical purposes.

Speaking at the Parliament on Monday, Minister Aslam said the ferry system launched by MTCC on February 2 is mainly used by people traveling from one island to the other seeking medical treatment. He said over 3,000 people used the ferry service in eleven days.

'People have traveled [on the ferry] for day trips. People from Kulhudhuffushi traveled to nearby islands to use its beaches. This ferry service should be integrated as part of life. People no longer have to be disappointed about space constraints, that there are no beaches on their islands,' the minister said.

The integrated ferry system will first be launched in a zone covering 40 islands in Ha., HDh., and Sh. atoll. In order to familiarise the ferry system, it is currently operated only in HDh. atoll.

The minister said the integrated ferry system would be launched to the three northernmost atolls before July. While there is currently no fare for ferry services in HDh. atoll, a charge would be taken very soon, he added.

Aslam also urged the people to make the ferry service a part of their lives and strengthen the friendship between islands through connectivity.

MTCC's fleet of high-speed ferries used for the ferry system has a capacity of 50 passengers and is comfortable for passengers. The ferries have mobile phone charging outlets, toilets, and luggage space.