Commission does not obstruct hiring council employees: CSC

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has denied allegations that the commission was not cooperating in issuing the necessary permits required to recruit staff for local councils.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, CSC said councils had been informed that they do not need to seek any permission from the commission before announcing job opportunities for the posts within the administrative structure of the councils. It is the responsibility of the council to recruit employees for vacancies in the administrative structure with the permission of the Ministry of Finance, it said.

Furthermore, the commission said if a council wishes to recruit an employee for a specific project or on a contract basis outside the administrative structure of the councils, the commission will issue the required permit when the relevant information is submitted to the ministry. Regulations on formulating the administrative structure of the council offices have already been established and publicized in collaboration with the Local Government Authority, the commission said.

The CSC said it was the council's responsibility to formulate the administrative structure of the councils. Although the structure has not been approved, the council will given permission to recruit people for the essential jobs if the council's budget can afford it, the commission said.