Pres Solih inspects progress of picnic island

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday inspected the progress of the picnic island being developed in K. Kudagiri lagoon. This is the first time President Solih has visited the island since the island was dredged and developed as a picnic island.

The President was accompanied by Vice President Faisal Naseem, several Cabinet ministers, and top officials of government-owned companies involved in the island's development.

During the visit, the President inspected the progress of the picnic island project and inquired regarding the completed works, the work currently underway, and what more needs to be done.

The President also attended a tree planting program held on the island.

While state utility company STELCO has installed power cables to supply electricity to the picnic island, the construction of a mosque is underway. Accommodation buildings, toilets, and basic services are also being arranged.

The Planning Ministry awarded the picnic island project to MTCC last year. The work was awarded for MVR 41.4 million to be completed over 150 days. Eight hectares were dredged, and a 397.27-meter rock breakwater and 428.32-meter groyne were constructed under the project.

A picnic island for residents of Male' City is a presidential pledge of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. While most work on the picnic island has been completed, a picnic island is also being developed on an island dredged from the Emboodhoofalhu lagoon.