Members elected for seats reserved for women on PPM Council

The opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has elected members for the seats reserved on their council for women.

The party has five seats reserved for women in the council. Voting was held Saturday night to elect members for the seats. While 27 people contested the election, Sherina Abdul Samad, Jameela Ali Khalid, Zeenaz Adnan, Aiminath Nasiha, and Aiminath Shiyana were elected to the council.

Sherina Abdul Samad received the most votes with 46 votes. Jamila Ali Khalid received 45 votes, while Zeenaz Adnan got 43 votes. Aiminath Shiyana received 38 votes and Aiminath Nasiha 29 votes.

Sixty-four people were eligible to vote in the election, and 51 people cast their ballots. Only one vote was counted as invalid.