MNP wins Komandoo WDC seat, first electoral success

Maldives National Party (MNP) has won a seat on Sh. Komandoo's Women's Development Committee in the constituency's by-election held Saturday.

Two vacant seats on Komandoo WDC were contested by MNP, MDP, and PPM candidates. MNP candidate Zaeema Adam won the election with the highest number of votes, receiving 334 votes. This is the first electoral victory of the MNP since its inception.

The party contested its first election in the Komandoo constituency Parliament by-election. Although the party did not succeed in the election, it showed a good result. The party has contested several by-elections since then and achieved good results. In the most recent Vilimale WDC by-election, MNP's candidate lost the election by a margin of a single vote.

The MNP is one of the most active parties in the political arena. The three MPs representing the party in Parliament are also moving many bills. The party has also decided to contest the upcoming 2023 Presidential Election.