Petition filed with Bar Council to suspend Nazim's license

A petition has been filed at the Bar Council to suspend the license issued to lawyer Nazim Abdul Sattar amid an investigation into leaked videos showing a man believed to be Nazim engaging in sexual acts with a foreign man.

Two weeks ago, a video was released showing former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's brother Nazim Abdul Sattar engaging in sexual activities with Bangladeshi national MD Alamgiri. The police launched an investigation into the video, and Nazim was summoned to the police station and questioned regarding the case. A travel ban has also been imposed on him until the investigation is completed.

The case seeking to suspend Nazim's license was filed with the Bar Council by lawyer Ahmed Talib. On Wednesday, Talib told AVAS that Nazim is accused of a very serious criminal offense, and his permit to practice law in the Maldives should therefore be withheld until the investigation is concluded or until the Prosecutor General's Office comes to a decision regarding the case. It is essential to maintain the public's trust in lawyers and the Bar Council, he said.