Passports to be issued until midnight

Maldives Immigration has said passport issuance service will continue till 12:00 am on Thursday as many people have requested for passports with the Eid holidays looming ahead.

Immigration said those who have verified passport information and paid for their passports by 10:00 am on Thursday will receive their passports before midnight. They will be notified by SMS of the time to collect their passports, said Immigration, adding that it is important for the passports to be collected at the designated time.

The authority further said that if passports were not collected for token numbers issued by Immigration on Wednesday, they can be collected by obtaining a new QueuBee token before 3:00 pm on Thursday.

The Immigration Department said a large number of people have applied for passports at once to travel during the school holidays and Eid holidays. Approximately 800 passports are issued daily, the department said. Immigration operations are now continuing until 9:30 pm as many people are queuing for passports.