Immigration reduces penalties for lost passport reissuance

The Maldives Passport Regulations have been amended to reduce the penalty for reissuing lost passports.

Previously, a fine between MVR 5,000 and MVR 20,000 was imposed to re-issue a lost passport. However, the regulations have been revised, as officially announced on Wednesday, with the updated penalty for reissuing a lost passport not exceeding MVR 2,000. No fines will be imposed for issuing a new passport in cases where the lost passport has expired.

The amendment now permits the issuance of a temporary travel document in emergencies where the passport is required, and the fine cannot be paid at that time.

In addition, the amendment requires the parents or legal guardians of children, physically and mentally disabled individuals, and those with mental disabilities to be responsible for maintaining their passports. The rules now outline the procedures to be followed in cases where passports are canceled.

According to Immigration reports, 500 passports were reported lost by the end of June this year, out of a total of 32,500 passports issued during that period. Last year, 56,326 passports were issued.